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Small Group Tours of Portugal

An empire that stretched from China to Brazil, a city that predates the Ancient Romans, and a larger share of the world’s annual sunshine than any country should be allowed.

Portugal has always achieved beyond its borders. And when you step inside this country, you can understand why. Their calorific pastries and dishes give you the energy to conquer mountains. Their gold-speckled religious monuments inspire you to learn about everything you see. And the warm sea breezes make you want to take a dip in the ocean.

On our small group tours, you go to the university town of Coimbra, taste the wines of the Douro Valley, explore the colour and history of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Porto, and much more. Take a small-group tour of Portugal and discover the little European country that’s larger than life.

Why you'll love Portugal

Adventurous Palates

Portuguese food isn’t for the fainthearted. Old, dried fish; sausages made of blood; and fried eels are just a few of their culinary concoctions. But if you travel with a brave palette, you’ll be rewarded.

The Past Comes to Life

The Romans came and conquered. The Moors built sturdy fortresses. And the Portuguese had a seaborne empire. Journey through Portugal and see the past come to life.

Be Inspired by the Religion

Religion resides in every area of Portuguese life. An ‘angel’s double chin’ is the name of a heavenly pastry and there’s a beautiful church on almost every street you see.

A Rainbow Country

Buildings blaze with white and blue tiles in Porto, houses flaunt pastel colours along a canal in Aveiro, and valleys of olive groves gloat green with fertility. Come to Portugal and enjoy the vibrancy.

Portugal Tours